Making a difference in 2024

Paradisefold in 2024

Looking back on 2023 to move forward 💚

Three years ago in January, one of my best friends, Debra, and I started planning the launch of a new brand that helps women flourish individually and in our communities. We wished to focus on practical and beautiful under-represented tools, especially the humble silk hair wrap.

Amazingly, Paradisefold is already two years old, and it’s been a whirlwind! We launched new designs, sold out repeatedly of our most popular Folds, grew rapidly and formed new partnerships. But by far the greatest privilege has been getting to know the many wonderful women in our community.

You’re an inspirational, caring group of high-achieving, supportive and diverse women. Many of you have also been personally kind and supportive of me and our team: every conversation, DM, email and review has affected how we develop as a brand. I cannot thank you enough.

It's never been enough for me to build a fashion business without looking at the impact we have on our planet and community. We believe in being a positive force in our community, and that’s why in 2023:

  • We measured and captured over twice our carbon emissions. You can read more about our environmental sustainability work, here.
  • We supported our Paradisefold 2023 Charity Partner, Dress for Success Greater London (DfS GL), help women gain employment and financial independence. Learn more about DfS GL’s work here.
  • We supported Wellbeing of Women, the only UK charity dedicated to funding research and education on all women’s reproductive and gynaecological health, including menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Finally, we also donated fabric and other art supplies to local London state schools to reduce waste and help support child development.

Where do we go from here? Making a difference in 2024 💚

Now, as we enter 2024, our world is facing significant challenges, but there are also many new opportunities for us to create change. Before launching Paradisefold, I worked for over a decade in conflict, stabilisation and international development. I’ve worked on conflicts and their aftermaths in Myanmar, Iraq, Türkiye (on the Syria crisis response), Tunisia, and several others. In these past two months, I’ve watched the Israel and Palestine conflict in horror.

The cognitive dissonance running a business in the middle of this conflict has been painful. From my conversations with many in our community, I know this period has also been incredibly hard for many of you too. 💚

Professionally and personally, I believe in the power of individuals and organisations to make a positive difference and end cycles of hate. We support sustainable peace: cycles of revenge and violence are not the way to peace. As a small brand, I know our reach is limited, but I would like us at Paradisefold to be part of the solution, even if in a tiny way.

As I’ve seen in conflicts all over the world, women often pay the price for the hubris of men, and this war is no different. The evidence is clear: women are being disproportionately affected. During war, sexual and domestic violence increases and countless women and girls have been killed, injured or left traumatised by the horrors of this war.

Our mission is and always has been supporting women’s confidence and flourishing. That’s why, in 2024, we’ll aim to work with charities helping women affected by violence, including sexual violence, and supporting sexual and reproductive health, both in Palestine and Israel.

At a time like this, I know that working across the aisle is challenging. But I’m determined that we should. I also know that we’ll only be successful with your support: our brand is about so much more than fashion and beauty – it’s ultimately about you and the community we create together.

As well as these upcoming charity partnerships, we're excited to soon be launching new styles, forming new partnerships and planning new community events for an even more exciting 2024!

As we look ahead, I’d like to thank you for helping our baby brand grow, and invite you to share your stories of power, hair maintenance, personal growth with me and the team, and any ideas about how we can continue to make a positive impact and help women flourish. Please write to us directly or feel free to leave a message below.

Thanks again for all your support this past year! Sending you a ton of love as you kick off 2024.


Andrea and our (growing) team xx

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