personal and societal flourishing


personal and societal flourishing


The pursuit of personal physical and mental flourishing for our individual and social good.

The central goal of all systems of ancient ethics, according to Aristotle; the ‘best, noblest, and most pleasant thing in the world’. 

For energised, purpose-led women who value personal and social flourishing, Paradisefold is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand that provides beautiful solutions to hair maintenance, rest, and confident self-expression.

Paradisefold is on a mission to nurture intimate moment of personal reflection through creating the products, spaces, and aesthetics that allow women to restore internally, connect with others, and flourish together. 

Paradisefold focuses on everyday transformative fashion and tools that are neglected by others, especially the mulberry silk hair wrap. Paradisefold believes in the confidence-enhancing power beautiful useful, staple objects to reconnect us with our inner worlds, enhance confidence, spark connections with others, and catalyse social change.

Paradisefold values responsibility, community and reliability. We counter fast fashion, nurture strong partnerships with the makers of our products, and demonstrate how brands can be a force for good in society. In a modest way, we are working hard to counteract the harm that fashion can cause the planet. Paradisefold is a carbon positive brand, meaning we sequester twice more carbon emissions than we produce.

Paradisefold is supporting a range of charities and amplifying the voices of everyday women making a mark in fashion, finance and athletics through convening community events and catalysing dialogue. All Paradisefold collections are co-created with its clients and community, and handmade in London in limited editions, bespoke prints and natural fabrics, working with ethical local producers. Paradisefold collections are also offered with a free lifetime care and repair service to promote sustainable fashion. 

Paraisefold Flourish

Paradisefold was founded by Creator, Andrea Malouf, working with women across the UK, the US and elsewhere. Andrea has a background in international development, having worked in conflict states in South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe, before becoming a fashion designer. Paradisefold is a British, Arab and Black-owned brand.

Contact  paradise@paradisefold.com, to learn more.