Marking US Black History Month

"I'm hopeful, but I also recognise what it took for me to get here..."
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February is a significant month for us at Paradisefold in many ways. Three years ago this month we seeded the idea for Paradisefold and today, on this last day of the month, we're joining our friends in the US to mark and celebrate Black History Month.

That's why we're spotlighting the strength, resilience and contribution of two women in our community, as a small homage to the heritage, resilience, and journeys of Black women in our society. 


To shed light on this empowering journey, we're thrilled to feature the remarkable Annie Tagoe, an IMG model and GB 100m sprinter whose journey embodies resilience, determination, and unwavering courage. Hailing from London and currently residing in Texas where she trains rigorously, Annie holds a special place in the Paradisefold family. As one of our earliest advocates, she played a pivotal role in the development of our products, infusing them with authenticity and purpose.

In the link above, Annie candidly shared with us her battles with body dysmorphia, navigating the pressures of weight loss, grappling with confidence in an age of social media scrutiny, and her unwavering aspirations as both an athlete and a model. Her willingness to open up about these deeply personal struggles underscores the importance of fostering conversations around mental health, body image, and self-confidence—especially within the context of the fashion industry, where beauty 'ideals' often overshadow individuality and diversity.

We also speak with Juanita Ingram—a powerhouse, recognised as Mrs. Universe 2022/2023 and the Founder and Chairwoman of the London chapter of Dress for Success, a charity helping women gain employment and economic independence. Her journey embodies resilience and dynamism, transitioning from a career in law to venturing into the realms of arts, production, and activism. Juanita's multifaceted pursuits serve as a testament to her unwavering determination and commitment to effecting positive change on a local level.

This month and every month, as a British brand that is also part Black owned, we hope to continue to work with you to champion all women in in our community! We hope these women and conversations inspire you as much as they've inspired us! 👑🙆🏾‍♀️💚


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