Emotional well-being this Galentine's

Emotional wellbeing this Galentine's

As we head into February, the heart-shaped cards, red chocolates and teddy bears start appearing in stores all around us. While Valentine's is great at reminding us to show love to others, this year we’re using Galentine’s to remember to show ourselves some love and appreciation too. 

In the spirit of self-love we're sharing stories from three women in the Paradisefold community about their journey with confidence and how hair plays a role in their emotional well-being.  

Top tips: 

  1. “Approach everything you do with authenticity.” We love Andrea’s tip to own your style and do things in a way that feels authentic to who you are. Feeling good in our skin, can empower us to approach our day-to-day with energy and determination.
  2. Designing and going through our own personal self-care routine consistently. Whether it's using our washday to indulge, meditating or doing something creative, what this looks like will be different to each of us but fundamentally embedding self-care into our daily habits helps calm us down and helps us feel good.
  3. Put time aside for exercise. As busy women this is often the first thing we let slip but this month whether it's a walk, run or yoga, remember to prioritise getting those endorphins going!

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