"Having been diagnosed with a life limiting condition, my advice would be don't let a lack of confidence hold you back from doing anything, and just do it!"⁠

We met Sarah about 18 months ago when she purchased one of our original Leopard Turbans. Through talking with her, we learnt that Sarah had been diagnosed with blood cancer and was using the turban to manage hair loss and regrowth through chemotherapy. Over the year, we kept in contact with Sarah, especially during Christmas, which she had to spend away from her family and children due to treatment. ⁠

Sadly, about eight weeks ago, Sarah passed away. We will miss her very much. With this being cancer awareness month, we wanted to share a video that she recorded for us about her journey with confidence through cancer. ⁠

We would to celebrate and raise awareness of all the women going through treatment, and fighting demons, whatever they are. ⁠We hope you find this video as touching and as inspirational as we do. ❤️⁠

We'd also like to say a massive thank you to Sarah's family for allowing us to give her voice a platform, to allow others to hear her truth and amplify conversations on cancer, grief, loss and love--which Sarah had in spades. ❤️

Finally, we’d also like to spotlight Grief Encounter @griefencounter - the charity Sarah supported that is doing amazing work to help children and young people through loss and bereavement 🖤

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