"If you focus on giving your body what it needs, your hair will naturally follow"

October is a momentous month in the calendar for us at Paradisefold.

This month marks both Breast and Liver Cancer Awareness and Black History Month, two topics incredibly important to us as a community, and strongly linked to our relationship with our hair.

This month we will be joining in on these conversations and hopefully, you will share, chat, learn, support or be supported alongside us.

To start, we are exploring natural hair and beauty with Natalya from  The Organic Afro Community. Not only has Natalya built an incredible natural hair community where others can share their stories, learn, seek help and be inspired, but she is also a DJ and a new mother.

In our discussion, Natalya shares her journey to discovering and caring for her natural hair while dealing with the pressures of conforming to Eurocentric beauty standards. She also shares practical tips for nourishing our hair and where to seek support, which are relevant o all our varied hair types! ✨

Listen and let us know what you think in the comments below! 💕


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