Navigating the green maze: Discussing carbon removal and conscientious consumption

We recently had a fantastic chat with Fabienne, Founder of Carbon Removed, to dive into the world of environmental responsibility. So, let's unravel the key takeaways.

Our Carbon Journey: From Conundrum to Action

As a brand, we totally get the struggle of realizing our everyday choices contribute to the carbon footprint. But here's the inspiring part: through our discussion, we learned how it is possible to turn that internal conflict into a determination to actively explore methods for not just reducing but removing emissions from the atmosphere. Fabienne's journey into carbon removal was born out of a desire to take meaningful action against climate change - much like ours here at Paradisefold. She shared her early struggles with the realization that even conscious choices contribute to the carbon footprint. This inner conflict fuelled her determination to explore methods to not just reduce but actively remove emissions from the atmosphere.

Decoding Carbon Jargon: Removal vs. Offsetting

Ever been confused about carbon removal versus offsetting? Through the course of our conversation, Fabienne shared these differences with us. Offsets, she explained, are about preventing emissions elsewhere, while removal actively pulls existing carbon from the atmosphere. Removals are therefore a more robust solution. She also highlighted the pitfalls of greenwashing associated with offsetting, giving us a very insightful, and timely, push to be more sceptical of whether or not businesses are being honest about striving towards genuine, tangible impact. 

Bio Oil Injection and Oceanic Kelp Forests

We explored various innovative carbon removal methods. Bio oil injection takes waste biomass and turns it into bio oil, which is then pumped underground for long-term carbon storage. On the oceanic front, kelp grown on buoys is submerged, benefiting marine ecosystems and sequestering carbon. How cool is that? At Paradisefold, we invest in all these technologies (on a tiny scale!) to help move them along.

The Realities of Carbon Advocacy: Challenges and Rewards

Fabienne spilled the beans on the challenges and rewards of being a carbon removal advocate. We discussed the rapid growth in the field, driven by the collective efforts of numerous organizations and individuals working towards a sustainable future. The ability to actively contribute to positive environmental change and connect with like-minded individuals are just a few examples of the deeply rewarding aspects of her journey. The rapid growth in the field and the ability to actively contribute to positive environmental change is a rollercoaster - but worth it.

Conscientious Consumption Tips

Now, with the holiday season knocking on our doors, we had some golden advice on conscientious consumption:

  • Choosing quality over quantity
  • Opting for concepts like Secret Santa to reduce excess gifting
  • Supporting sustainable companies
These are some steps we can all take to help make our holidays more eco-friendly.

So, wrapping up – our chat with Fabienne wasn't just enlightening; it was a call to action. From understanding the nuances of carbon removal to embracing conscientious consumption, we, as a community, have the power to shape a more sustainable world. It's not just a journey; it's a collective adventure. Let's dive in together!

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