"I need to make sure my shopping habits improve the environment..."

Have you ever considered the environmental cost of the fashion industry? In a world where our industry is responsible for a staggering 10% of global carbon emissions, Paradisefold is on a mission to catalyse change. We were founded on the principles of personal and societal flourishing, so we’re committed to promoting a sustainable future through our products.

Carbon emissions can often feel like a complex and overwhelming topic, but you're not alone in feeling that way. The good news is that grasping the concept of carbon offsetting and improving your carbon footprint is more straightforward than you might imagine. While we recognise that not everyone can personally engage with carbon tracking partners, supporting businesses that have a positive carbon impact can make a meaningful difference!

As a smaller brand, we are acutely aware of the risk of greenwashing. We know we need to do whatever we can to make the world better, even in a small way. We take a deliberate and considerate approach by investing in carbon capture initiatives. We don't just offset our carbon emissions; we go above and beyond by sequestering twice the carbon we produce. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is a driving force behind everything we do. It’s ingrained in our philosophy.

To truly grasp the impact, let's look at the numbers. Between January 2021 and March 2022, Paradisefold emitted 2,622 kgCO₂. So this year, we have offset over two times that amount: a substantial 6,000 kgCO₂. The majority of our offsets support reforestation projects, which not only capture CO₂ but also promote biodiversity. This year we also invested in more novel upstream capture technology, including Kelp Forest Sinking, Olivine Distribution, Direct Air Capture and Storage (DACS), and Bio-Oil injection. Some of this technology is incredibly nascent, but we wanted to help promote its uptake even at this early stage.

So what are these?

  • Kelp Forest Sinking: This involves growing forests of kelp on buoys and sinking these into the deep ocean, to promote capture and biodiversity.
  • DACS: Grabs CO₂ from the air with filters and stores it underground or turns it into minerals.
  • Bio Oil Injection: Turning waste biomass into bio-oil, we can stash it underground, keeping the captured CO₂ locked away for thousands of years.
  • Olivine sands: Sprinkling olivine sand speeds up the natural reaction with CO₂ in the air, locking it away.

You might be wondering, "So how do we measure all of this?" We meticulously assess the emissions from every facet of our operation, from our office spaces to production, shipping, events, and travel. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint. We then work with Carbon Removed to sequester twice our total emissions. Our goal extends beyond emissions offsetting; it involves making a meaningful and thoughtful contribution to the environment. What sets Paradisefold apart is our distinction as the first carbon-positive silk care and nightwear brand.

We are a brand with a vision for a better, more ecological future, founded by Andrea Malouf, a designer with a background in international development. We are dedicated to shaping a world where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of being. Thank you so much for having been part journey, and we hope to continue to do you proud! 💕

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