"Take stock and get started!" Encouraging female financial confidence and power

In this month’s Make A Mark series, we're thrilled to profile Wealth Manager, Frankie Smith, the entrepreneurial force behind the London female investment club, Frankie’s. We discussed all things financial confidence, the importance of financial planning and how to change how we women discuss money, finances and investment. 

To feel inspired and join the conversation listen below!

Here are some key takeaways from Frankie:

  1. There is so much more work to do to encourage financial literacy and confidence amongst women! An important aspect of this is instigating and encouraging open conversations about money, wealth management and investment amongst women.
  2. Finance doesn’t have to be dry and boring! There are many options to choose from: from pension funds, to art and handbags! While these investment routes might not be for everyone, it’s good to take a look at the options available and feel inspired! Speaking with other women can help us feel more comfortable to ask financial questions and overcome some of those social / cultural barriers to discussing money.
  3. Whatever you do, “take stock and get started.” The most important thing is to put the time aside to assess your financial situation, work out your goals and start taking small steps to get there. Put those thoughts of ‘imposter syndrome’ aside! Financial planning is personal and is different for each one of us, but if we can, we should all be trying to make our money work for us. Financial planning is a journey and the only way to start figuring out your personal journey is to get started!

Hope you enjoy the conversation. Follow @frankies.uk for more, and comment below to share your thoughts! 

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