*NEW* Jet Set Fold
*NEW* Jet Set Fold

*NEW* Jet Set Fold

Classic black and black reversible silk hair wrap,

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Pure caviar-black silk Fold. Fully reversable and ready to style as a wrap and bandanna.

Meet the only chemical-free way to transform your hair, literally overnight. With two layers of pure buttery-smooth mulberry silk, this Fold helps hydrate, nourish and repair your hair while you rest. Now, you can wake up with effortlessly energising, beautiful, healthy hair every morning.

💛 Wake up energised with happy hydrated world-ready hair.
💛 Fight frizz, dryness, loss, thinning and breakage.
💛 Wave goodbye to hair angst and overkill routines.
💛 Improve the quality, look and feel of your hair.
💛 Beautiful buttery silk to wear in bed and on the go!

🌏 Sustainably handmade in London. Carbon positive.

🌏 Free lifetime care and customisation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emily M

Once I got over the learning curve of using my fold I started appreciating the overnight protection for my hair. My multi day hair is easy to lightly and quickly refresh in the morning. I learned to arrange the front of my hair so my part wasn't smashed down by the fold. I also experimented with various tying methods to learn how to secure the fold so that it stayed on all night. Apparently my head is too large to wrap the ties around the back of my head and tie it securely, so I tie is all on top after twisting the extra fabric. Also, I learned that I need to keep my ears out of the fold so that I don't stress my glasses stems and so that my ears don't ache by morning. Overall, I like the quality of purpose of the fold.

Hi Emily, thanks for your review! It can be a challenge to find the best way to tie your Fold. Happy to hear that you was able to figure out a way to wrap, which is best for you. I personally tie mine at the front too! If you do need any adjustments, please do email us as all our products have a lifetime guarantee where we make alterations for free! Shanelle xx

Jackie DeStefano
Worth the price!

The wrap is so comfortable and stays on all night! I've never had both of those things be true at the same time.

Hi Jaclyn, thank you for your review! Happy to hear that your Fold is comfortable and stays on all night! We designed our Folds with comfortability in mind and also to make sure they're secure whilst sleeping! Shanelle xx

Julie Wood
Yes, Absolutely, my hair used to live in a scrunchie all day and night coming out for an occasion...

I love it. My hair stays in my fold all day when working from home but if I need to go out, I just shake it out and my hair is still bouncing with curls naturally. No products needed to revamp. I want to wear my hair down more now as it looks better and better every day between washes. Thank you.
Oh.. and it does stay on in bed, so no more wire wool hair that needs worked on!

Hi Julie, thank your for your review! We're pleased to hear that our fold has stopped you wearing scrunchie all the time and you now use your fold! It's heart warming to hear that you're also feeling more confident with your hair and our product has solved that for you which is one of our main aims! Bouncing curls for the win! Shanelle xx


O/S = One size for all hair types. From short and straight hair, to long and voluminous. Fits all adult female face shapes (approx. 20''-24'').


Wear the Fold over your head and hair keeping the elastic at the back of your neck. Pull out the Fold up encasing all your hair twist away the excess fabric. Seal the Fold and thread the ties through the Paradisefold tag loop to control tightness. Tie in a bow or as desired.

For best results leave your hair out - with this Fold you'll never have a hair-tie kink again. Ensure the tag loop covers the roots of your hair. This will keep your roots protected and the Fold secure.


You can also wear the Fold as a bandanna. Pull the Fold over your head and forehead; fold over the bulk of the fabric to form a bandanna, then secure with a bow.


  • Body: Two layers 19 momme 6A mulberry silk - naturally hypoallergenic, moisturising and breathable
  • Tag: 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.

Support sustainable fashion

Our Folds are sustainably designed and hand-made in London in limited quantities, with bespoke prints and natural fabric. We are carbon-positive. This piece is covered by our complementary lifetime care service. This Fold is carbon positive: Paradisefold captures over two times the Fold's carbon footprint of 5.7 kgCO.


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